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Welcome to the U.S. Department of Education Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Public Access Link

Effective February 12, 2024, users will be required to use a account to create or access a requester profile, where they can submit FOIA and Privacy Act requests.

To strengthen security, better protect your data, and align with new National Institute of Standards of Technology requirements, the Department of Education is implementing two-factor authentication for the Public Access Link (PAL), the portal for submission of FOIA and Privacy Act requests. is a service that offers secure and private online access to government programs. A single account can be used to access multiple government websites.

If you currently have a PAL account, please use the same email associated to your PAL account when creating your account to ensure your existing request history is included when checking request status. If you have a account and the email associated to your PAL account is different from the email associated to your account, you will need to decide if you want to create a new PAL account and associate it to the email used to your account or create a new account and associate it to the email used to your PAL account.

Register/Sign In to Portal

Register/Sign In to access portal.  

FOIA and Privacy Requests

Once registered with the portal, the ability to submit FOIA and Privacy Act requests will be enabled using the Submit Request option in the navigation bar.  

FOIA Requests

Prior to submitting your request, visit the agency FOIA Library to see if the records you are seeking are available publicly.  You can also visit our About FOIA webpage that provides detailed information regarding the FOIA program at the Department of Education.

Privacy Act Requests

To submit a Privacy Act request you are required to verify your identity. This verification is required in order to protect your privacy and to ensure that private information about you is not disclosed inappropriately to someone else.

To submit a Privacy Act request on behalf of someone else, the identity of that person must also be verified to protect the privacy of that person. In addition, a Certification of Identity and Consent must be completed.

For more information about the Privacy Act, visit About the Privacy Act page on our agency website.

To Check the Status of a FOIA Request

Registered requesters can Sign In to view the status of your request(s), send a message to the FOIA Office, or download responsive records once they are delivered.

Non-registered requesters can check the status of requests by clicking on Check Request Status.  Be prepared to enter the tracking number provided by the FOIA Office to retrieve the status of your request.

If you prefer to contact the FOIA Office to check status of your request, contact the FOIA Office in your area. 


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